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On our website, we have tried to bring together the following topics and thus arouse interest in them


1. Welcome

2. About the „operation” of our association

3. Our community acrivities

4. Events of our association

5. Data on retirement

6. New thinks in our lives

7. Movies on the internet

8. Theatre, concerts, our attractions

9. What the future will bring?


Management, our office

Our clubs

Our events in 2024

Retirement associations in Hungary

Let’s learn new thinks!

Let’s go to the cinema at home!

Let’s go to the theater at home

Factors influencing the future

Our association introduces itself

Our documents

We sing

Our events in 2023

About pensions in Hungary

Let’s make friends  with the Internet!

Art films in the world

Let’s listen to opera

Our Earth, Gaia

Why should you visit our website?

Our newsletters

We dance

Our events in 2022

Rebuilding the pension system

Let’s make friend with Smartphones and PCs!

Art films in Hungary

Concerts on the Internet

Globalization, energy

Lifestyle advice

Our applications and plans

We go on trips, play sports

Our events in 2021

 Elderly policy

Let’s be smart, healthy grandmas!

Mandatory readings in films

Old and new Pécs

Global climate change

Important institutions and websites

Pécs municipality, Univ. of Pécs

Let’s get together

Our enents in 2019-2020;


Pension insurance

Young and old learn ICT together

Children’s and youth films

Let’s wonder in Hungary

European Union

Our European Union application

Our Partners

Our common country tours

Playful brain exercise

Actual news

Lecture series

Film repositories, archives

Museums in the world

Let’s write it out of ourselves


March 2024.